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Asthma While its injection for severe asthma (benralizumab) fared well, substantially cutting the need for patients with severe asthma to take oral steroids. Phase I study in subjects with mild asthma demonstrated that iv. benralizumab (0.3–3.0 mg/kg) rapidly induced near total depletion of peripheral blood eosinophils while exhibiting an adequate safety profile and dose-proportional pharmacokinetics....
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Doc-99 The word “Pharmacy” prepared according to pharmacopoeia or prescription drugs, “optimization” that take certain measures to make something good, “guidance” Instruction to teach, generally have a certain experience of the practice. On the whole, “Pharmacy Optimization Guide” that included, “instructed to teach others, so that the quality of the drug preparations are of more excellent, more potent efficacy,” hence the benefits last longer.


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