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Doc99 website to allow you reaching a team of trusted pharmacists to bring home for advise and health tests

Doc-99 membership for personalized service in drugs. PayPal and Ali-Pay WeChat Pay Union Pay are reliable in Doc-99 set up under privacy law of Hong Kong SAR and disclaimer statement in global Medicine services.

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Doc-99 Chemist™ is the optimization of medicine service that integrates with online pharmacist advice and off-line service to customers to purchases of supplementation products and body healthcare checks. The Doc-99 Chemist™ lets individual and company user access his or her or member of a company plan for healthcare as incentive to a mobile care plan, or on the go. With the Doc-99 Chemist™, you can access your healthcare online with an appointed pharmacist advice and off-line to go pharmacies shopping anytime and anywhere! Features of Doc-99 Chemist™

• Access and share all your healthcare measurement to keep healthy include blood pressure, oximetry, body fat and hydration, blood cholesterol, blood glucose, uric acid and BMI.

• View your present healthcare check measurement on a Health House in a pharmacy,

• Watch previous healthcare checks in designated formats showing acceptable range high, low and measurement, • Auto loading your body healthcare measurement to the smartphone

• Using “Care Plan” items to manage your healthcare via designated web portal such as (

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