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ProactiveGene Tests for Hereditary Cancer and Diseases

The activation and subsequent expression of a gene can be detected by its transcription into a corresponding messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA). Principles of the methods for identification of individual activated genes, Invitae tests based on subtractive hybridization and serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE)
Invitae Panels currently studied in many laboratories, is to find out which genes are activated in various circumstances. Invitae solves this problem are based on a comparative (differential) approach. A test (target) sample, containing active genes is compared with a control sample in which the genes have not been activated. Using this approach, the active genes are singled out among the multitude of inactive genes.

Supply genetic test kits, ordered on your behalf by medical specialists, and sample collection (saliva/ blood) Doc99 chemist 好藥師 courier the sample collected to the INVITAE laboratory in the United States to screen cancer cell genes(For example, breast cancer and ovarian cancer run together in families with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (HBOC). Colon and endometrial cancers tend to go together in Lynch syndrome (also known as hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer, or HNPCC); and subsequent secured reporting to the attending doctors for prognosis and confidential record archive services.
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The current healthcare system in Hong Kong and Mainland China cannot continue to support the weight of the rapidly changing age demographic. Projections forecast that people over 65 years old in Hong Kong will more than double from 13% to 30% of the population by 2041. The strain of this increase will necessitate a 6.5% annual increase in public healthcare spending just to maintain services. The delicate balance between private and public healthcare will have to change.

Community pharmacies are becoming a first choice for trusted healthcare advice.

Pharmacists don’t just dispense medicine, they are available to offer personalised healthcare and well-being advice, basic health checks and information about disease prevention.

Abenefits Ltd has been developed state of art internet+ to meet demands of patients using App (Doc99chemist) and for client satisfaction. All service comply with Code of Practice in Hong Kong.

Enjoy personal, convenient and responsive services

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Apps Doc-99 Chemist™ benefits

Using Apps Doc-99 Chemist™, people may be sure that they trust taking care of their health to real specialists.
1. Get multiple tests suit for your health on health house and devices
2. Get clear and transparent pricing on drugs
3. Save the health items for refill and discount
4. Track your Rx shop in real time for health index measurement for score points leading to gratitude program

Join Doc-99 Chemist™ membership! Annual fee for members is HK$990 only.


Life itself -We have 4 stories to tell

Chapter 1
Families with elder age need aging well. The use of health tests and a Health Index; reading Health Concerns (16 chapters). Purchase OTC medicine with refill gratitudes

Chapter 2
Families with critical illnesses. Medicine Access Program becomes the last hope for the loved ones. Medicines nowadays requires DNA and immunology bio-products, needing cell testings. Smart phone “Doctor driven therapies” are on the app under “collaborative care”.

Chapter 3
Families travel wide and far requires carry on their medicines to travel destinations where medicine supply chain becomes null or break down. A green channel in airports for them is desirable for personalized “Curologie”. Generation pass on generation.

Chapter 4
Families that find sleeping disorders, smoking cessation and obesity are a real threat to their health and work-living. Men wellness and women wellness are their burden and need support from Doc-99 Chemist platform. Offer more promise no disappointment.


Smart phones are a popular tool for the pharmaceutical supply chain management in modern times. This include physicians, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, healthcare professionals and YOU. The pharmaceutical supply chain is blessed by specialized apps to provide supervised sale of drugs.

Doc-99 Chemist Trade Mark

is a multi-element combination. “Pharmacy Optimization Guide” is clearly the first choice of consumer memory, visible wording, “Pharmacy Optimization Guide” is the visual center of the trademark.

Doc-99 Chemist™ The word “Pharmacy” prepared according to pharmacopoeia or prescription drugs, “optimization” that take certain measures to make something good, “guidance” Instruction to teach, generally have a certain experience of the practice. On the whole, “Pharmacy Optimization Guide” that included, “instructed to teach others, so that the quality of the drug preparations are of more excellent, more potent efficacy,” hence the benefits last longer.

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People Behind Doc-99 Chemist™

The Doc-99 Chemist™ team are passionate about mobile healthcare and medicine supply and value for money – the perfect ingredients for an app about just those kind of things…How to get discounts on your medicines?

1. Sign up for an account in Doc-99 Chemist™ apps or
2. Use our Managed Access Program in our apps for your purchase
3. Or fax the MAP Form to +852 25742333
4. Our courier would call for collection of purchased items


Did you always wanted to buy products from us, but were insecure about shipping and customs clearance in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore or Philippines? And Hong Kong? Did this stop you from buying?

In this case we can offer you new possibilities!

HealthIndex Calculator with App


In near future, the app is helping Hong Kong visitors navigate to and from the retail pharmacies needing healthcare body check with ease, and is freeing up locals to focus on finding their clinic appointment papers. It is now able to collect and analyse valuable data on their visitors’ behaviour and continue to improve their visitor experience.

Choice 100 plus pharmacies and 100 doctors to choose from, no matter what area in Hong Kong you find yourself in Doc-99 Chemist™ will point you in the right direction.

Innovation Not quite ready to call it a service without caring for your family vacations and biz trips overseas? Doc-99 Chemist™ is designed to send you real-time alerts from the medicine and beauty items with deals happening around you.

RESULTS We identified key partners in health measurements and pharmaceutical wholesalers. We developed a solution for the iOS and Android App we strive to deliver a working prototype and engaged users for feedback launching the app.

Case Study on Doc-99 Chemist™ App


Finding the right entrance is a major frustration for many seeks quantifiable healthcare visitors. For Mainland China tourists in Hong Kong this not only means unhappy visitors but also locals, due to patients missing their clinic appointments and insurance professionals and staff being distracted from their duties to help policyholders and visitors find their drug supplies through the community.

Easy to use Designed with you in mind to cost effective use of medicine.


Extend the invite by letting your friends know where you are, share your chosen healthcare tips on social media to take the mobile living of good quality without worries to the quality of medicine and food.


Mobility remains a top strategic opportunity for businesses of all kinds, an enterprise be more competitive, employees more productive or by engaging health with customers in innovative ways. Doc-99 Chemist™ help realize potential, enterprise mobility must give users a seamless experience across multiple devices for health checks and deliver a secure workspace for beneficial healthcare management


Refill deals? Doctors and clinics? Health House use and shopping Directions in Hong Kong? We have this all covered, Doc-99 Chemist™ will navigate you through the hottest Hong Kong retail drug stores and beauty items to make sure you have a great time.

Doc-99 Chemist™ Annual fee for members is HK$990. Reliable drug stores with amazing rates – only at Doc-99 Chemist™


Rethinking luxury, on-line and off-line build

Branding of Doc-99 Chemist, the most important pursuit is always in the quality of excellence, the details of the adherence and excellence of the process (compliance). However, in the digital wave, social media helps complex consumer requirements; Doc-99 Chemist app need careful rethinking of medicine purchase in Nelson Lam’s design for benefits, to reach the aim described as a luxury and reliable brand.