Life itself -We have 4 stories to tell

Chapter 1

Families with elder age need aging well. The use of health tests and a Health Index; reading Health Concerns (16 chapters). Purchase OTC medicine with refill gratitudes

Chapter 2

Families with critical illnesses. Medicine Access Program becomes the last hope for the loved ones. Medicines nowadays requires DNA and immunology bio-products, needing cell testings. Smart phone “Doctor driven therapies” are on the app under “collaborative care”.

Chapter 3

Families travel wide and far requires carry on their medicines to travel destinations where medicine supply chain becomes null or break down. A green channel in airports for them is desirable for personalized “Curologie”. Generation pass on generation.

Chapter 4

Families that find sleeping disorders, smoking cessation and obesity are a real threat to their health and work-living. Men wellness and women wellness are their burden and need support from Doc-99 Chemist platform. Offer more promise no disappointment.

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